December | Tevet, 13–15 December, 2020, Hanukkah

Start to

See the unseen
and notice the unnoticed

To live a life grounded in Hakarat Hatov – gratitude – we must heighten our awareness and recognize that which surrounds us. This will be the first step in our six-month gratitude journey.

Over the coming three days, we invite you to deepen your attention and begin noticing the unnoticed. We will do this by exploring three blessings from the traditional daily morning liturgy. 

“Blessed are You, God, Sovereign of the universe, Who opens the eyes of the blind.” 

“Blessed are You, God, Sovereign of the universe, Who gives the rooster the understanding to distinguish between day and night,

“Blessed are You, God, Sovereign of the universe, Who directs the steps of humans.”  


Who Opens the Eyes
of the Blind

On Sunday we’ll practice gratitude for the art of noticing. For opening our eyes — figuratively and literally. 


Distinguish Between Day
and Night

On Monday we will exercise our ability to differentiate and distinguish. We will realize that these exercises can strengthen our gratitude. 


Who Directs the Steps
of Humans

On Tuesday, we’ll close this month’s journey by giving gratitude for the guidance we’ve received, the incremental steps we’ve taken and the steps we have yet to take.

Gratitude for the Unnoticed with Eric D. Fingerhut

Eric D. Fingerhut, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Jewish Federations of North America