Days of Gratitude is a free, six-month-long journey to notice — and give gratitude for – the unnoticed blessings in our lives. It is designed with the intention of increasing resilience and finding hope at a time when we need them most. Every month between December 2020 and April 2021, subscribers will receive a set of resources: activities, prompts, and inspiration to guide them through a three-day gratitude journey, helping them notice and celebrate the blessings present in their lives. Days of Gratitude culminates in May 2021 with a worldwide celebration of gratitude, in the seven days leading up to Shavuot. You can participate in Days of Gratitude individually, with family and friends, within communities and organizations, or across the global community.

Between December 2020 and April 2021, subscribers were invited to embark on a monthly, three-day gratitude experience, using a host of creative resources and activities.

In May 2021, the Days of Gratitude journey will culminate with a seven-day event, filled with inspiring activities, prompts, videos, and more.

Our Gratitude Collections feature educational resources designed to help educators and parents guide their students and families in growing gratitude. These themed collections focus on current events, holidays, and social issues, and feature activities for specific audiences and ages. With activities for the entire year, the Gratitude Collection is a robust resource library for parents and educators.

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At a time of uncertainty and chaos, Days of Gratitude seeks to ground us in the moments that matter, help us count our blessings, and bless what really counts.

By marking these moments, we hope to become more attuned to the good around us and see ourselves as part of a more just, compassionate, and resilient world.

Days of Gratitude is free, and open to everyone! Days of Gratitude can also be experienced as a ‘curriculum’ that leaders, educators, and Rabbis can facilitate in their institutions.

You can participate in Days of Gratitude on your own, together with family and friends, within communities and organizations, and across the broader, global society.

Days of Gratitude is observed monthly on the following dates:

December | Tevet
Start to Notice
Sense the unseen and notice the unnoticed
13–15 December, 2020

January | Shevat
The Worlds Inside and Around You
Explore your internal and external environments
17–19 January, 2021
Tu B’Shevat
February | Adar
Recognize Human Need
Show gratitude for what you have. Respond to what others don’t
14–16 February, 2021

March | Nissan
Seek Freedom Through Strength
Access your freedom to support those still bound
14–16 March, 2021

April | Iyar
Embrace Who We Are
Celebrate our people’s strength for the betterment of all
11–13 April, 2021
Yom Ha’Atzmaut

Days of Gratitude culminates with a worldwide, weeklong event on:

May | Sivan
Count Your Blessings
The Seven-Day Gratitude Finale
12–18 May, 2021

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Days of Gratitude was originally created and launched in Israel as “Aseret Yemei Todah” by Beit Prat — Israeli Midrasha.

It is powered by M²: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education, with support from the Jim Joseph Foundation, the Maimonides Fund, and the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation through The Jewish Community Response and Impact Fund.

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