Bringing People In

Each morning when we wake up, today’s blessing reminds us to be grateful for the opportunity to open our eyes and live another day. When we use our eyes to look out, it’s easy to see those who are physically around us — and as a result, we are often attuned to their presence and needs. But what about those who may be farther removed from our inner circles? Or what about those who may be physically close but emotionally distant? 

For individuals who live with disabilities, feeling excluded or invisible to those around them can be a common occurrence. While we may not do so intentionally, our eyes may remain figuratively closed to those who are different. How do we invite these people in and create a space where they feel a sense of belonging? What practical steps can we take to create a more inclusive environment? 

We invite you to take part in the following inclusion tasks which we hope will transform the world into a place where all individuals, regardless of abilities or disabilities, feel seen and cared for. 

We are grateful to our partner Yachad for preparing these activities.