Day 1 | Recognize Human Need February | Adar

Unbending All of Us

The foremost example of hospitality in the Torah is that of Abraham and Sarah welcoming strangers to their home, which we can understand as an act of service to their community. While so many of us are grateful to be part of a community where our needs are met, there are Jews with physical, developmental, emotional, intellectual, mental health, and other needs who do not experience the same opportunities to participate in the richness of Jewish life.

When we think about what it means to express the Jewish value of community, some of us find ourselves needing to “bend” to spaces and systems that aren’t designed for us. In this way, we might interpret the blessing of “lifting the bent” as a mandate to “unbend” all of us by creating spaces and systems where everyone’s needs are recognized and met.

Through the activity below from our partners at Yachad, we invite you to reflect on your experiences in community spaces where you spend your time, and discover ways to make them more welcoming for all.

We are grateful to Yachad for contributing this activity.

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