Wall of Fulfilled Needs

What needs in our lives have been fulfilled?

Whether they’re the small things that often go unnoticed or the larger things to which we’ve aspired, we invite you to uncover your loved ones’ fulfilled needs:

  1. Pick a relative or mentor (preferably one in an older generation than you) and set up a time to interview them about their fulfilled needs. 
  2. In advance of your interview, brainstorm a list of questions you can ask them. These may include: 
    “When you were a child, what kinds of needs were most important to you?” “Which of your fulfilled needs is most surprising to you?” 

    “Of your needs that have been fulfilled, which is the one for which you’re most grateful?”

  3. Once your interview is complete, we invite you to share what you learned on our “Wall of Fulfilled Needs” padlet online.
    Click below to add your voice and see what others around the world are grateful for during this Days of Gratitude edition!