March | Nissan, 14-16 March, 2021, Passover

Seek Freedom Through Strength

Access your freedom
to support those still bound

As Passover approaches, we invite you to spend the coming days exploring your relationship to freedom and recognizing the ways in which so many of us are still bound. 

How might we discover and channel our gratitude for the ways in which we are free to help liberate others?

This edition’s activities, meant to complement your experience of Passover and including Seder and Omer activities, are also inspired by the following three blessings from the traditional daily morning liturgy:

“Blessed are You, G-d, Sovereign of the universe, Who gives strength to the weary.” 

“Blessed are You, G-d, Sovereign of the universe, Who releases the bound.”

“Blessed are You, G-d, Sovereign of the universe, Who has not made me a slave.”


Who Gives Strength
to the Weary

On Sunday, we’ll discover our strength. What makes us strong, especially in the realms of our emotions and spirit?


Who Releases
the Bound

On Monday, we’ll examine what makes us free, and what keeps us — as individuals and as a community — bound together.


Who Has Not
Made Me a Slave

On Tuesday, we’ll examine what it means to be enslaved: What is a slave? What makes someone free? What responsibility does freedom hold?

"Thank You": Gratitude Song by Neshama Carlebach 

Neshama Carlebach, Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter, in a special performance of her song "Thank You", in honor of all that we are grateful for