Following Our
Heart Leaders

What would it look like to do a “startling” amount of kindness? As Rabbi Shai Held of Hadar shares in his talk below, our world is in desperate need of “heart leaders.” Can our gratitude motivate us to act with more kindness to those in need? To devote more of our time to clothing the naked and caring for the sick? 

We invite you to watch Rabbi Held’s talk, “Compassion and the Heart of Jewish Spirituality,” and reflect on your own or with others using the questions below.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Who are your “heart leaders”? 
  2. How can we move from pitying others to feeling compassion for them? 
  3. Think about a situation or two in which you were in need and benefited from someone’s kindness. How can your gratitude for this motivate you to deliver kindness to someone in need? 
  4. How do we make caring for others our way of life, rather than an extracurricular activity?

We are grateful to Rabbi Shai Held and Hadar for inspiring this activity and contributing the video.