Give a Gift

One way of expressing gratitude is by doing acts of kindness for the person we wish to thank. We do this frequently when we tip a server at a restaurant, when we send flowers in appreciation to a colleague, when we show up to help a friend in need. 

But sometimes, those closest to us, whom we appreciate the most, get forgotten. 

This is your opportunity to show your gratitude to someone close to you, the “other” in your life, by giving them exactly what you think they need most. 

Think of what they would appreciate – what small act of kindness could you do for them, to show them how much you appreciate them?

Is it a foot massage? A home cooked meal? Watching the kids so they can go for a walk? Taking on a house chore they are usually responsible for? Reading them a story? 

Download the templates below, fill in the details and gift them a coupon of gratitude.