The Relationships

Who faces you? Who is your unit? Who cares for you?

Our relationships can bring so much meaning and depth to our lives, and yet we often don’t take time to pause, notice, and give our thanks. 

We have an opportunity to reflect on how our close connections have shaped us, guided our paths and decisions, and illuminated even our darkest times. 

In this collection, you’ll uncover new reasons to be grateful for your relationships, and creative ways to express your gratitude to others. 


Give a Gift

Balancing Gratitude & Disappointment:

Explore Relationships
Through Learning

Coins of Uniqueness:
The World Was Created for Me and You

Qualities Bingo Game

Engaging with Others:
Conflict Resolution

I Once Was Lost,
But Now I Am Found

and Resilience

A Prisoner's Dilemma: Reflection & Connection:
Moishe House