The Inheritance

Who got you to where you are?

When we think of what we’ve inherited, we realize just how many of our lived experiences have been shaped by what came before us: our families and ancestors, our traditions and folkways, our Jewish teachings, our mentors and teachers, and more. 

In this collection, you’ll dive into what’s been handed down, discover new richness in your life, and find new ways to give thanks.

Havdala Ritual

Hand Washing Ceremony:
Mayyim Hayyim

Create an
Inheritance Tree

Trade Your

Light a Candle
in Memory

Receiving & Giving Blessings:

Our Race & Our Stories:
Be'chol Lashon

The Story of an Orthodox Braille Bat Mitzvah:
Jewish Women's Archive

Footsteps of Gratitude:
What Got Me Where I am