Light a Candle
in Memory

 “נֵר ה’ נִשְׁמַת אָדָם”

-משלי כ׳:כ״ז

“The soul (spirit) of the human is the candle of God”

-Proverbs 20:27

Based on the verse above, there’s a Jewish tradition to light a candle in memory of someone who has passed away. Traditionally, this is done on the yahrzeit (anniversary of the death), of the person, as well as on certain Jewish holidays. 

As we focus our gratitude towards those who came before us, you’re invited to light a candle in memory of someone to whom you are grateful for, who is no longer alive. 

You can add a note with their name and what you received from them. If you live with others, use the lit candle as an opportunity to share stories and memories of this person and bring their memory alive.