The Meaning
Making Collection

When you dig inside yourself, what gives you meaning?

How do we find and make meaning in our lives? While our other collections direct you outward to the forces around you, this collection will illuminate the sources of meaning inside of you. 

When we reflect on what’s within us — our values, our intrinsic gifts, our stories, and more — we can uncover new wellsprings of gratitude and life.

Craft a Gratitude Wall Hanging Ritual:
Moishe House

Create Gratitude
ID Cards

Cultivating Gratitude:
Institute for Jewish Spirituality

Celebrating Yourself:
A Shehecheyanu Experience

Create a

Created According to G-d's Will or
Created in G-d's Image? Maharat

The Building Blocks
of Strength

Gratitude in Freedom and Bondage:
The InHEIRitance Project

The Journey of Enoughness:
Jewish Studio Project