The Social
Justice Collection

Where and with who do you take action?

When we act to bring more justice into the world, we are often confronted with how our own rights and needs are (or are not) addressed.

How might our gratitude for our own freedoms, protections and resources spur us to deeper and more meaningful action on behalf of our loved ones, neighbors, and communities?

In this collection, you’ll find many ways to deepen your social justice learning and work through the lens of gratitude.

Pay Kindness Forward:
Repair the World

Amen: Taking Steps Towards a More
Inclusive Jewish Community

People First:

Gratitude And Our “Concern for All Humanity”:
Repair The World

Watering Our Tzedek Gardens:
The Hive

The Courage to Act

Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s
Legacy of Women’s Rights

What We Wear and Who We Are:

Food Insecurity:
A Game of Action