Following Our Heart Leaders

Following Our Heart Leaders What would it look like to do a “startling” amount of kindness? As Rabbi Shai Held of Hadar shares in his talk below, our world is in desperate need of “heart leaders.” Can our gratitude motivate us to act with more kindness to those in need? To devote more of our […]

Unbending All of Us

Unbending All of Us The foremost example of hospitality in the Torah is that of Abraham and Sarah welcoming strangers to their home, which we can understand as an act of service to their community. While so many of us are grateful to be part of a community where our needs are met, there are […]

Hineni: Sensing the Unseen

Hineni: Sensing the Unseen Gratitude can be shown in our communal environments, including our professional work communities, by simply pausing to take the time to notice and saying Hineini, literally “Here I am!”: present and aware.  For suggestions of how to practice noticing the unseen see the activity below. Download Activity We are grateful to […]

Noticing Others’ Pain: The Journey of Infertility

Noticing Others’ Pain: The Journey of Infertility What can be done to notice the pain and difficulties of those who long for children and have not succeeded in making that desire a reality? How does the Jewish community address those coping with infertility? And once we have noticed, what becomes our communal responsibility?  In this […]

Knowing Our Neighbors: A Podcast

Knowing Our Neighbors: A Podcast How much thought do we give to who our neighbors are, and how our words and deeds affect one another? This podcast from our partner Momentum and host Adrienne Gold Davis sheds some light on these questions, and how we might cultivate a more authentic relationship with those most proximate […]

Your People Are My People

Your People Are My People The biblical book of Ruth (traditionally read during the holiday of Shavuot) is a story about the transformation and journey Ruth makes, as she accompanies her mother-in-law, Naomi, back to Bethlehem, leaving behind her homeland and committing herself to belong to the Jewish people.  As we explore gratitude for the […]

Creating Covenant Mandala

Perfect for Kids Creating Covenant Mandala Gratitude is frequently rooted in relationships and grows from mutual obligation and commitment. Jewish tradition emphasizes the giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai as the moment of creating a meaningful, significant and long-lasting covenant between G-d and the Jewish people. Many of the mitzvot of the Torah are […]

Workplace Gratitude

Workplace Gratitude The resource below collects beautiful quotes from Jewish wisdom on the themes of working together and recognizing professionals. Use it either as a text study sheet, or as inspiration to send a thank you note to someone you have worked with, choosing the appropriate quote for the person and the project! Download Activity […]

Listen to a Gratitude Playlist

Listen to a Gratitude Playlist Sometimes, all we need is some music to remind us of what we’re grateful for. Being in community with others—our colleagues, friends, family members or social networks—gives us strength and joy. We hope this playlist will inspire you to reach out to them and say “thanks.” We are grateful to […]

The Community Collection

The Community Collection With whom and where do I belong? When we recognize ourselves in the context of our communities, we see that we are part of something larger: a node in a web of relationships that help us meet our needs, hold and nurture us, and provide depth to our lives.  In this collection, […]