Balancing Gratitude
and Disappointment

What about when we don’t feel we have an “other”? 

Many of us may not feel we currently have the loving, supportive partner relationship we seek in life. This may be something we strive for or not. It may be something we struggle with and work on. It may be something we’re resigned to.

Relationships come and go, and we are not always privileged to be in the ones that we want. 

Can we express gratitude even when we’re disappointed?

In this podcast, from our content partner, Hadar, Shai Held explores the biblical character of Leah, the so often forgotten matriarch, not loved by her husband Jacob, and constantly living in the shadow of her sister, Rachel. Even in the midst of all her sorrows and the longing for her life to be different, she learns how to be grateful for what she has.




We are grateful to our partner, Hadar, for contributing their wisdom for this activity.