The Building Blocks
of Strength

What gives us strength when we are weary? What are the elements from which we can draw the energy to help us endure when we are feeling weak? Our bodies get strength from food and sleep; our souls get strength from inspiration, trust, and faith. There are people and relationships in our lives who give us the hope and ability to continue when we feel we can no longer persevere. What is helpful and powerful for one may not be for the other. As individuals, we learn to recognize and identify what subjectively gives us hope and what drains it out of us. 

By recognizing and showing gratitude for what gives us strength, we will be able to call on those resources in times of need. 

In this activity we invite you to create personalized blocks which you can build into a pyramid or tower, physically representing the inner building blocks of your own resilience. 


  • Print out the block template pages.
  • Complete the blanks with personalized answers: What’s something in your life that you’re grateful for that gives you strength? 
  • Fold and cut along the lines and shape them into three-dimensional blocks. 
  • Build a tower or pyramid to represent your building blocks of strength. 
  • If you do this activity with others, you could create a joint installation — recognizing each person’s individual resources.