Activity 3

Day 3 | Start to Notice. December | Tevet Express Appreciation Online Publicly acknowledge and show your appreciation to those who guide you and have helped you get to where you are today!  Choose a mentor, a teacher, a parent, a guide, or a friend who helped you take some significant steps.  Click here to […]

Day 3

Day 3 | Start to Notice. December | Tevet Who Directs the Steps of Humans We end this month’s gratitude journey by uncovering the paths and small steps that have gotten us to where we are today.  Through attention to incremental steps – those taken and those not yet taken – how might we recognize […]

Activity 6

Day 3 | Start to Notice. December | Tevet Create a Dreamboard Imagine it is next Hanukkah and you are looking back at this upcoming year, grateful for how far you’ve come. Let’s take some steps to help get you to that point by creating a dream board. A dream board is a great way […]

Activity 5

Day 3 | Start to Notice. December | Tevet “Who Opens the Eyes of the Blind” and “Who Directs the Steps of Humans” Can you imagine life without being able to see? What would things look like? What would things feel like? How different and/or similar is it from your typical routine?   Explore this exercise in empathy and awareness.  Download […]

Activity 4

Day 3 | Start to Notice. December | Tevet Amen: Taking Steps Towards a More Inclusive Jewish Community In this brave and humorous ELI talk, Pamela Schuller shares how tools from the world of improvisation, in addition to creative teachers and brave Jewish organizations, guided her steps to finding her way back into the Jewish […]

Activity 2

Day 3 | Start to Notice. December | Tevet Seeing Miracles & Blessings of Thanks What is the connection between Hanukkah, Candles, Miracles and Blessings?  In this sourcesheet we explore both the particular miracles and blessings of Hannukah and the general mindset of seeing miracles and giving thanks.  Download Source Sheet Back to Today’s Activities […]

Activity 1

Day 3 | Start to Notice. December | Tevet Footsteps of Gratitude: What Got Me Where I Am? None of us have gotten to where we are on our own. There were significant people, places, events, miracles, moments of hard work, or divine intervention which may have shaped our paths.  In this activity, we invite […]