Day 3 | Start to Notice. December | Tevet

Create a Dreamboard

Imagine it is next Hanukkah and you are looking back at this upcoming year, grateful for how far you’ve come. Let’s take some steps to help get you to that point by creating a dream board. A dream board is a great way to help realize your vision of the future by creating a clear vision of where you’d like to be headed.

Step 1: Envision Picture who you’d like to be one year from now, what you hope for your future. Choose one element (or more) of your life to focus on, such as professional, family, friendship, spiritual, or community aspects of your life.

Step 2: Background Choose a poster board or foam board for your background.

Step 3: Images Browse through magazines, newspapers, or online, and collect images that reflect your vision for the future. These can be both literal or metaphorical. Choose images of people, places, or things that make you feel positive and motivated and represent your future goals.

Step 4: Quotes Find inspirational quotes from Jewish texts or other sources that inspire you and help reflect your vision and your dreams.

Step 5: Assemble Put together your images and quotes on the board, adding any additional decorations or visual designs you’d like. We recommend laying them out before gluing and paying attention to the locations and relationships between them on the board. Leave some empty space to enable you to add things at a later stage.

Step 6: Display Hang your dream board in a highly visible location so you can use it as an ongoing visual reminder of your hopeful destination.

Step 7: Reflect As time moves forward and elements of your dreamboard turn from dream into reality and others have not yet been realized, be sure to reflect on your progress and display gratitude towards yourself and others who have enabled this process.