Choosing Light over Darkness:
Hanukkah Distinction Flags

In order for us to have freedom of choice, we need to understand the distinctions between what we choose to pursue and what we choose to avoid. Noticing and recognizing our choices and intentions are crucial steps in enabling expressions of gratitude. 

During this holiday of Hanukkah, as we choose light over darkness, we invite you to create your own Hanukkah flags which reflect those choices. This activity can be done alone, but can also be completed in a family home setting, with roommates in your joint living space, or with co-workers or friends in other spaces. If you choose to do it as a group rather than individual activity, spend time discussing and coming to a consensus, creating group choices. See this as a pact of sorts which you are all agreeing upon!

There are eight flag statements — one for each night of Hanukkah! 

Download the flags, print them, complete them (fill in the blanks: We choose to ___ not ___ ), and hang them in a communal space to remind you of your choices!