Day 1 | Recognize Human Need February | Adar

The Courage to Act

At momentous points in our life, we must follow our inner convictions and be willing to take critical risks and stand up for others. Sometimes they are grand, while at other times they are more measured. 

The courage to act comes as an internal reckoning or an external cry. It is often thunderous, but at times it is in the form of a whisper.

When you are ready to respond, then the reply is Hineni. I am here. I am ready to heed the call and leap forward and act. I am willing to enter into the discomfort.

Who do you wish to stand up for? How can you support those who are bent over? And through supporting others, how can you feel grateful and acknowledge your own balance? 

In this exercise, identify what gives you courage to stand up for others so you can dive right in when the opportunity arises.