Day 1 | Recognize Human Need February | Adar

Ruth Bader Ginsberg
& Standing Up for Women

Ruth Bader Ginsberg z’’l took unprecedented action for women’s rights during her career, particularly during her tenure as a United States Supreme Court Justice. She left an incredible legacy, fighting against gender discrimination and acting from her own experiences of unequal treatment. 

As we think about lifting up people whom our society has made to feel “bent,” we invite you to listen to the audio article below (or read the transcript), and consider the reflection questions that follow:

Reflection questions:

  1. What does being an ally to people who face unequal treatment and discrimination in our society require of us? 
  2. RBG used her expertise and position to help change laws and statutes that guide public policy in the United States. What are some other ways that we can bring about positive changes so that everyone can experience dignity, freedom, and choice? 
  3. How can we show our gratitude for figures like RBG and others who defend against discrimination?