Day 2 | Recognize Human Need February | Adar

I Once Was Lost,
But Now I Am Found

For months now, we have been confined to our homes, spending endless hours indoors, isolated and masked behind screens. The more time that we spend inside and away from social interactions, the harder it can become to reveal yourself and open up to others. 

Thankfully, even during our most guarded moments, there are those who see us and can pull us out of the darkness to help us see beyond our wounds. 

Who is that person for you? Who do you wish to thank in this moment for seeing you, even when you were hiding? 

It can be hard to create moments of intimacy and openness when we aren’t physically together. 

But how can we intentionally build in time for true connection and “unmasking,” even over screens? 

This activity includes a series of questions to help you unmask and connect to yourself and others. The questions grow in intimacy by stages, stage one being the lightest question and stage three the most intense. 

Consider asking these questions at the beginning of a staff meeting, a family meal, or a Zoom call with friends.