A Sock or a Sandwich?

Clothing is often considered one of our baseline human needs, along with shelter and food. 

Folks experiencing homelessness are the first to be denied these needs, and while we may make assumptions about the needs that people most want fulfilled, we never really know until we speak to them.

Adina Lichtman learned this lesson first-hand while launching an initiative called Knock Knock Give a Sock when she was a student at New York University:

Soon, Adina realized that it wasn’t just about providing socks; it was about using this act of giving to bring her neighbors together, as she describes in this nomination video for the Jewish People’s Choice Awards:

Reflection questions: 

  1. What would it require for you to know your neighbors well enough to know one another’s needs? 
  2. How might you be able to help fulfill your neighbors’ needs, particularly those experiencing homelessness?
  3. How might knowing and fulfilling your neighbors’ needs inspire gratitude? 

We invite you to visit the Knock Knock Give a Sock website to learn more about how to get your workplace or school involved.

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