A Seder Plate for All

Passover is rich with symbols that remind us of our struggle with bondage and our journey toward freedom. While many LGBTQ+ Jews have successfully made their way out of the closet and are able to share their full selves with the world, there are many in our communities who are still “bound” and on their journeys to full authenticity, equality, and acceptance. In an effort to embrace our LGBTQ+ Jewish family and friends, we invite you to partake in this creative addition to the Seder ritual from our partners at JQ International. 

This activity focuses on the addition of an LGBTQ+ Seder Plate alongside the traditional Seder plate, representing the intersectionality and duality of the Jewish traditions we’ve practiced since ancient days, as well as our evolution as a Jewish community working to fully embrace LGBTQ+ Jews. If so moved, you can assemble a LGBTQ+ Seder Plate and add the rituals and conversation starters in the guide below to your Passover Seders this year onward. Consider this a beautiful way to celebrate and increase awareness; foster greater diversity, equity, and inclusion; and express gratitude for what makes us feel free while supporting those who lack the opportunities to live their fullest lives. 

We are grateful to JQ International for contributing this activity.