Dayenu Gratitude
Mad Libs

Usually, when we have something good, we want more of it. But sometimes, we can show our gratitude by being happy with what we have and saying, “It is enough!” During the Seder, as soon as we finish telling the story of the exodus from Egypt, we jump into a 15-stanza song of gratitude which concludes each verse with Dayenu — “It is enough!”

This song — which dates back to at least the ninth century, appearing in Seder Rav Amram Gaon — recounts all the steps from leaving Egypt to entering the Land of Israel. It expresses gratitude for each step along the way, stating that each in and of itself would have been sufficient. For the full text of Dayenu in Hebrew, English, and transliteration, see here.

Using Dayenu as a template for gratitude, specifically for stating that each single component would have been enough, we have created the following “Mad Libs” gratitude activity. 


  1. Complete the empty lines on the first page with a word based on the prompt. 
  2. Copy your words into the template on the second page, and sing your personal song of gratitude!