Our Glorious (and Delicious) Gifts

What does it mean to be “crowned” with glory? In this video produced by The iCenter, we explore two examples of glorious gifts: singer Ester Rada’s story of how she came to celebrate the totality of her identity, and the incredible foods grown in Israel that contribute to its character and culture. 

Start by watching the video below; you can also use these instructions to sing along with Ester and bake the Yogurt and Tahini Date Cake.

Whether you decided to sing along or bake the cake, or simply enjoyed the delicious performance, we invite you to reflect using these questions: 

  1. Ester sings “You Are a Wonder.” Listen to or read the words. How do they make you feel? What aspects of wonder can you recognize in yourself or your children? 
  2. What is the relationship between wonder and glory? 
  3. What about this video feels glorious to you?
  4. How might you celebrate and share your gratitude for the glorious gifts in your life? 

We are grateful to our partners at The iCenter for contributing the video that inspired this activity.