Israel as a Global Citizen:
A Journey through Israel’s Past and Future

How has the country of Israel been called upon to be a model society within its own borders and on the world stage? Along with our partner OLAM, we invite you to take a journey through Israel’s recent history and learn how we as individuals, and the country of Israel as a whole, can be responsible global citizens, working towards a more just and compassionate world for all. 

You can do this activity with a partner, as a group, or on your own. While you read the entries on this timeline, you can add your comments to the prompts featured in each event, write your questions down on paper, or record your answers using audio memos on your phone. 

You’ll see that the final entry on the timeline is about you: When you look back at these moments from Israel’s history, what do they inspire in you? What about them makes you feel grateful? 

We are grateful to OLAM for creating this activity.