Between Pride and Guilt

Today’s blessing refers to the glory of Israel. The blessing refers to Israel as a people and a nation, but for this activity we will address our relationship with the modern State of Israel. Israel can boast of many accomplishments and glory, but it also has much reckoning to do for mistakes made and moments of guilt. 

How can we, as a people, feel both a sense of pride for what has been accomplished as well as guilt and responsibility for the mistakes that were made along the way? 

In this video, Dr. Micah Goodman, founder and president of Beit Prat — Israeli Midrasha, explores this tension and suggests gratitude as a value and force that can help bridge the gap between pride and guilt. 

After watching the video, explore your relationship with the State of Israel and consider the role gratitude could play in this relationship: 

  • What are moments or elements of Israel or Israeli society and culture that you are proud of? 
  • What are the parts of Israeli society and statehood that you find difficult and associate with feelings of guilt? 
  • How might gratitude serve as a tool for bridging the gap between these co-existent feelings? 

These videos have been created by the Israeli Days of Gratitude initiative, which was founded
by alumni of
Beit Prat Israeli Midrasha. We are grateful for their inspiration and partnership.