Footsteps of Gratitude:
What Got Me Where I Am?

None of us have gotten to where we are on our own. There were significant people, places, events, miracles, moments of hard work, or divine intervention which may have shaped our paths. 

In this activity, we invite you to visually track the steps that led you to where you are today. 


  1. Choose one aspect of your current life: Something that defines you, that you do regularly, or spend your time on. Define it in 1-3 words and plot it on the “You Are Here” mark. 
  2. Start going backwards in time and space: Define what the most recent step was which led you to your current point. Identify the person/event/moment that led you there. Complete it in the closest footstep. 
  3. Continue tracing your steps backwards, uncovering and unraveling the steps along the way, recognizing what or who led to each next step. 
  4. Look back at your journey. Choose who or what you would like to express gratitude to or for, and find a personal, meaningful way to do so.