Gratitude Havdala Ritual

Havdala is the Jewish ritual for ending Shabbat. The Hebrew word Havdala means “separation” or “distinction”. The ritual takes place on Saturday night, when it is dark and three stars can be seen in the sky. It is a liminal rite that helps us move from one time to another while paying attention to the space in between. The magical themes of boundary and sensation are detectable in this ritual. We engage our physical senses- tasting wine, smelling spices or fresh herbs, seeing the light of the two-wicked candle. 

We invite you to incorporate gratitude into the Havdala ritual. 

You will need a braided, multi-wicked candle (or two candles held together), a cup of wine, and some sweet smelling spices or herbs for this ritual. Begin by lighting the candle and pouring the cup of wine (or grape juice) and then raising up the glass, to recite the ritual…  

Below is the traditional text of Havdala (according to the Ashkenazi tradition), along with some gratitude questions and reflections.