Craft a Gratitude Wall
Hanging Ritual

Judaism has many names for G-d, but there is one in particular that we often see displayed in our homes – particularly on the doorposts. Jewish homes are traditionally marked by the presence of a mezuzah, a door-marker, and they are often adorned with the letter Shin or the word “Shaddai” – representing a particular aspect of the Divine. Many interpret the meaning of this name for G-d as corresponding with its three Hebrew letters: SHaDDaI, SHomer Delatot Yisrael, The Guardian of the Doors of the People Israel.

But in this activity, we will use the name Shaddai to inspire us through a different meaning. In the Talmud (Chagigah 12a), the rabbis discuss the creation of the world, saying that when G-d created the sea it continued to expand indefinitely, threatening to take over the rest of creation. It was G-d who stepped in to say, “I am the Almighty G-d [El Shaddai]”…I am He Who said to the world “enough [dai].”

Most of us are familiar with the concept of “dai”/enough from Passover, when we sing the song Dayenu/”it’s enough for us.” We will utilize the combination of these two traditions – a wall hanging for the home with the name Shaddai, and an original “Dayenu” composition – to express gratitude in these unique times.

We are grateful to Rabbis Myra Meskin and Ana Bonnheim and
our partner, Moishe House, for creating this activity.