Qualities Bingo:
A Game of Appreciation

Play a game that enables you to recognize and share the qualities of those dear to you and enables them to notice yours. 

In this simple game of bingo, all you have to do is match up qualities with people!

Set Up:

  1. Download the Card template. Print it, and make sure you have 5–8 cards for every person who will be playing. 
  2. Create People Cards: Turn every card into a person everyone knows (they do not have to be present in the game), by either writing their name on the face or by pasting a photo of them on the top of the card.


  1. Gather the group of people who will be playing. (This is a great family activity!)
  2. Download and print a board for each player. 
  3. Put the People Cards facedown in the center of the table. 
  4. On their turn, each person picks up a card and has to match it with one of the qualities on their board (and shares why!).
  5. The first person to complete five in a row wins the game!