Amen: Taking Steps Towards a
More Inclusive Jewish Community

In this brave and humorous ELI talk, Pamela Schuller shares how tools from the world of improvisation, in addition to creative teachers and brave Jewish organizations, guided her steps to finding her way back into the Jewish community and continue to serve her as a Jewish community professional. 

Schuller challenges the assumption that inclusion comes at the cost of limiting ourselves for the sake of accommodating the needs of a few individuals. Sharing from her personal experiences growing up with Tourette’s syndrome, she outlines a vision of what future inclusion could look like in the Jewish community. 

After watching the video, consider the steps that have been taken and have yet to be taken to make your circles and spaces more inclusive.  

  • What are the ways your community is inclusive for which you are grateful?  
  • What are the “yes and” statements you can make to begin guiding and strengthening the steps towards an even more inclusive environment?