Trade Your

One way of showing our appreciation for something we’ve received is by passing it on to others. 

This idea is portrayed in the following Talmudic passage:

One day, [Honi] was walking along the road when he saw a certain man planting a carob tree.
Ḥoni said to him: This tree, after how many years will it bear fruit?
The man said to him: It will not produce fruit until seventy years have passed.
Ḥoni said to him: Is it obvious to you that you will live seventy years,
that you expect to benefit from this tree?
He said to him: That man himself found a world full of carob trees.
Just as my ancestors planted for me, I too am planting for my descendants.
 -Talmud, Ta’anit, 23a

As we reflect on those who got us to where we are, we invite you to pass on to the next generation something you’ve received from the generation above you.

  1. Think of a teaching, a tradition, a recipe, a word of advice which you received from someone older. 
  2. Think of a child, teen or peer who you think would appreciate receiving it from you. 
  3. Pass it on to them today, explaining not only what it is but why you appreciate it and why you thought they would as well.