Day 2

Day 2 | Embrace Who We Are April | Iyar Who Crowns Israel with Glory Glory is a difficult word to define. What does it mean to feel glorious? Today, we discover how our identities, heritage, and even our garments can evoke glory, and inspire our gratitude. What is glorious in our world? How do […]

Activity 4

Day 2 | EmbraceWho We Are April | Iyar Our Glorious (and Delicious) Gifts What does it mean to be “crowned” with glory? In this video produced by The iCenter, we explore two examples of glorious gifts: singer Ester Rada’s story of how she came to celebrate the totality of her identity, and the incredible […]

Activity 3

Day 2 | EmbraceWho We Are April | Iyar Israel as a Global Citizen: A Journey through Israel’s Past and Future How has the country of Israel been called upon to be a model society within its own borders and on the world stage? Along with our partner OLAM, we invite you to take a […]

Activity 2

Day 2 | EmbraceWho We Are April | Iyar Between Pride and Guilt Today’s blessing refers to the glory of Israel. The blessing refers to Israel as a people and a nation, but for this activity we will address our relationship with the modern State of Israel. Israel can boast of many accomplishments and glory, […]

Activity 1

Day 2 | EmbraceWho We Are April | Iyar Putting On a Robe of Glory: An Art and Music Reflection Of all the gratitude expressed in the Birkot HaShachar, the morning blessings, the blessing thanking G-d for “crowning Israel with glory” stands apart. Whereas the other gifts mentioned in the blessings are mostly concrete in […]